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Yamli - your way to write the arabic letters

You’re setting in your room drinking your coffee and logging on your webmail. Holy music sweeps softly under the crack of the door. The TV sounds like what you are expecting with all the commercials and the sales after the long weekend. But it sounds not exactly like home, your old waiting ever home, back home.
Flashing like a lighting, and you need to write your folks a letter. Yes sure it sounds lovely to write in your email to your folks and freinds: “Happy weekend”, “I love you”, “Happy holiday”. But you know in your heart deep down that you need to write home in home language. And it lacks one thing: An arabic letters keyboard…
All Lebanese residing in the global earth know this problem very well. Many of them has their own Arabic letters keyboard, but millions simply haven’t this luxury. But Internet revolutionize the way the people communicate each other. So people invented the wrting of Arabic letters by using the Latin letters. No need to explain it to the Lebanese, everybody uses it.
And here comes a revolution by Yamli.com who put this method in practical solution called Yamli. And as Habib Haddad, one of the developers, said in a comment that “By the way the name Yamli comes from “إملاء”. So as the teacher used to do in “إملاء” the user can “يملي” his words, and the tool comes up with the right words and right orthography. Hope this makes the name a bit cooler”…
Now let stop talking and go check the awsome Yamli.com and dont forget to try the Yamli editor. And yes you can add Yamli to Facebook.
And here what the blogs talk about it:
Co-founder Imad Jureidini says: “The Arabic web will truly take off when people can do two things easily: find and write Arabic content. While there are many applications for our technology, we sought to address these two fundamental needs immediately.”

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