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Abeer Nehme – Give me your hands


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Abeer Nehme has been referred to as “The All Styles Specialist” because of her talent in performing dialogues between different styles of music, such as: Oriental modal traditional styles, Lebanese styles, Syriac-Aramaic religious ethnic style, Greek Byzantine religious style and Opera and modern western styles.

Abeer is a Qanun player (an oriental traditional instrument) and earned a bachelor’s degree with the highest grade ever earned in oriental singing from the USEK University (Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik). She was a student of Ms. Aida Chalhoub, director of the oriental music program at USEK. Her renown talent was quickly recognized by the Lebanese, Arab, Greek and Syriac audiences. By Wikipedia.

The message was louder than the music

Led by Fazlian, the LPO has over the years made impressive musical strides with culturally significant and historic performances. They’ve accompanied world-renowned legends including Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras and Angela Gheorghiu. In 2011, for the first time in Lebanese history … read more

Giants of Zajal

زجل لبناني

You can listen to Avici and his lengthy sound effects or watch X Factor with it’s warm moments and enjoy it, really. But something in the Lebanese Zajal make you really happy. The rhythms are almost the same, but the … read more

Peace and Love in a Nation

ماجدة الرومي

للشاعر : حبيب يونس يين السماء وفيء عينيه الغد وجنون قلب عاشق والموعد ومسافة من لهفة وتشرد. ومسافر في زرقة ..ماهمه. اغتيل منديل أو انتحرت يد! أنا شئت أرحل لن اعود الى سراب وأهيم في دنياي أحترف الغياب أحرقت دمعة … read more

أمي – هات يدك

هــاتِ يَديـكِ قَــدْ تَعِـبْـتُ فـي غَـيرِ حُضْـنِــكِ مــا اسْتَـرَحْتُ الآخــــرون ظـــــالِــمُــون وغَـــيــرَ حُـــبِّـــكِ مـــا وَجَــدْتُ أُمِّـــــي سَألْــتُــكِ قُـــبْــلَةً تَمْحُو الصَّقيع .. فَـقَـدْ يَبِسْتُ .. أُمِّــــي أُمِّـــــي أنْتِ الجَـــمالُ وبَعْدَ رَبّي وَجْــــهَكِ العَــــذْبَ، عَــــبَــــدْتُ هاتِ يَديكِ قَــــدْ تَعِبْتُ في غَيرِ حُضْنِكِ … read more

Sharing the Lebanese Culture

“Lebanese Culture” a la Argentinian gives me the proof that our, more than 12 millions, ancestors share and like the same features of the Lebanese culture. From the son of Lebanese immigrant in Argentina clicking and sharing Hiba Tawaji; to … read more