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Lebanese In Australia

Miss Lebanon Australia 2012

Miss Lebanon Australia 2012

The Lebanese presence in Australia is indicated not only by the Lebanese-born but also by their descendants.  The Lebanese-born population of Australia stood at 70,325 persons in the 1996 census.  Of these, 52.5 per cent were males and 47.5 per cent were females.   An estimate of the total Lebanese population in Australia, consisting of Lebanese-born and their descendants, is approaching 250,000.  Although Lebanese are to be found throughout Australia, they are concentrated in the two largest states of New South Wales (75 per cent) and Victoria (20 per cent).

Source: Lebanese In Australia © Dr Trevor Batrouney

Lebanese roots in Canada

In Winnipeg, the Lebanese are mostly owners of businesses — restaurants, gas stations, clothing stores, grocery stores — but they also are doctors, nurses, accountants, pharmacists, hairdressers, contractors and teachers. Many have been here for generations, others more recently. But … read more