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Canadian/Lebanese: Do you prefer life in Canada or Lebanon more? | Yahoo Answers

Canadian/Lebanese: do you prefer life in Canada or Lebanon more?

This question is directed at the people who lived in Lebanon and moved to Canada and now live in Canada and/or those who were born and raised in Canada yet have visited Lebanon many times and know the culture.

I am a proud lebanese born and raised in Canada. I have visited lebanon twice. I think my answer is best described in two stances.

Money and Happiness.

I have concluded, after the experience I have in living in Canada and visiting Lebanon, the less money, the happier. Yes, this may seem false to an extent since the lebanese nation in Lebanon 3eyfine khle2on (are fed up) from the lack of money and corruption, oddly enough, the people in Lebanon are the most chill and know how to turn a bad situation into a good time. I can walk past anyone and say hi (the lebanese way) and be treated like i’ve known them my whole life.

Whereas in Canada, the more money you have, the less enjoyable life is. In Canada, it’s just business. We are all running to make as much money in order to live comfortably and often forget to pause and live life. Everyone is for themselves here. We are one as a Canadian nation, stunning landmarks, breathtaking provinces, but in the end, business is priority.

Overall, since I am born and raised in Canada, I cannot see myself living anywhere else. The land that raised me I cannot leave. In conclusion, money doesn’t buy happiness. The more money an individual has, the less appreciation there is for life. It’s just something Lebanon has struggled to cope with, and by that, they choose to make the best of it. <3 for Lebanon. Answered by Earth Crust Source: Canadian/Lebanese: do you prefer life in Canada or Lebanon more? | Yahoo Answers

Badr Safadi

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