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Theory: Ancient Phoenicians were the first to discover the Americas

Antoine Court de Gébelin, who is mainly known for the popularization of the Tarot, had his own idea about the rock. He believed that the inscription was made by Carthaginian sailors who commemorated their journey to the shores of Massachusetts.In the 19th century, the theory that a group of Israelite people visited the New World was widely adopted in the Mormon community.Later, Ross T. Christensen, an American archeologist, speculated that the Mulekites, who are mentioned in the Book of Mormon, were probably of Phoenician ethnic origin.

Via: tornosnews.gr | More details: phoenicia.org.

شارل قرم – 6000 سنة من العطاءات السلمية للانسانية

“6000 Years of Peaceful Contributions to Mankind” كتاب عن تراث اسلافه الغني، الفينيقيون. كتب في الأصل باللغة الفرنسية على يد شارل قرم، وقدم في مؤتمر عام 1949 في الجمعية العامة – الاونيسكو. قام بترجمة هذا الاصدار إلى اللغة الإنجليزية، واستكملها … read more