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The Origins of the Continent’s Name – Africa

Some historians postulate that the name Africa was coined from the Phoenician word ‘afar,’ which means dust. It is difficult to tell whether dust could be attributed to the desert pervading the northern part of Africa. Phoenicians were the early inhabitants of the present-day Lebanon, Syria and Israel. Their highly enterprising demeanour could have led them to interact with the people of northern Africa. It is also hypothesized that the name could be a derivative of Phoenician words ‘friqi’ or ‘pharika’…

Source: The Origins of the Continent’s Name – Africa

شارل قرم – 6000 سنة من العطاءات السلمية للانسانية

“6000 Years of Peaceful Contributions to Mankind” كتاب عن تراث اسلافه الغني، الفينيقيون. كتب في الأصل باللغة الفرنسية على يد شارل قرم، وقدم في مؤتمر عام 1949 في الجمعية العامة – الاونيسكو. قام بترجمة هذا الاصدار إلى اللغة الإنجليزية، واستكملها … read more