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Batroun, ancient city waiting to be unearthed


source: elie ayoub on panorama google

It has Phoenician ruins, Roman artefacts, a medieval castle, Byzantine-style churches and arcaded Ottoman souks; how­ever, its heritage is still wait­ing to be uncovered. The origins of Batroun, one of Lebanon’s ancient coastal cities, is still not known but is believed to date to before the time of the Phoenicians who ruled much of the eastern Mediterranean from 1,500BC to 300BC.

“There is a controversy over Ba­troun’s origins. Some say it is Phoe­nician; others say it is Roman, and others say it dates from the time of the Crusaders. The truth is we don’t know. There is a civilisation un­derneath the ground that we have not discovered yet,” said Georges Mubarak, an excavator and former Greenpeace activist from Batroun.

Source: Middle East Online

شارل قرم – 6000 سنة من العطاءات السلمية للانسانية

“6000 Years of Peaceful Contributions to Mankind” كتاب عن تراث اسلافه الغني، الفينيقيون. كتب في الأصل باللغة الفرنسية على يد شارل قرم، وقدم في مؤتمر عام 1949 في الجمعية العامة – الاونيسكو. قام بترجمة هذا الاصدار إلى اللغة الإنجليزية، واستكملها … read more