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Shai a la Lebanese

With its Biblical history, Lebanon is a cultural melting pot, its cuisine bearing several fascinating influences. From the stunning seascapes of vibrant Beirut and quaint Tyre to the scenic interiors, a unique tea culture endears throughout Lebanon. Known to be fun-loving and friendly, the Lebanese love to cheer their famous health-giving ‘Shaayi bil Qirfah wa’l Yansoon’ (anise and cinnamon tea) symbolising their friendly spirit. Although ‘Shaayi’ is the common word for both teas and infusions, this infusion is often consumed without any tea, for medicinal purposes. • Boil water with aniseed and cinnamon (powdered or sticks) in desired quantity.• Add black tea (optional) and get a balanced brew.• Strain the liquor and serve with or without added sugar.
Source: Saucers full of secrets: Brews that can hit the spot- The New Indian Express

All About Lebanon

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