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‘It’s like drinking Champagne at the top of a volcano’: Discovering why Lebanon makes for a superb holiday

Whether you want to surround yourself with beautiful people dancing to blaring house music or sip a beer in a cramped bar while listening to The Beatles, there is no need to go to bed early.

I enjoyed visits to the uber trendy neighbourhoods of Mar Mikhaël and Hamra where the hipster-filled drinking holes and art inspired cafes, flanking narrow streets, reminded me of my favourite places to get up to mischief in London.

Basically Beirut has it all, if you want to sit on a beach and sunbathe the hours away, you can. If you want to dance and drink until you drop, you can. And if history and the arts is your cup of tea, then there is plenty to enjoy.

Source: Discovering why Lebanon makes for a superb holiday | Daily Mail Online

اكتشاف علمي وأثري للمرة الأولى في تاريخ جبيل

مغارة رومانية بيزنطية تضم طاولة جنائزية و15 مدفناً مي عبود أبي عقل من النهار. اكتشاف فريد من نوعه في جبيل، المدينة الاقدم في التاريخ والتي يعود عمرها الى 6 آلاف سنة قبل الميلاد والمدرجة على لائحة التراث العالمي: مدافن رومانية … read more