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‘The intellectuals don’t have the answers’

“What can the ghosts of protests past tell us?” asks an intertitle in Mary Jirmanus Saba‘s Shuour Akbar Min al-Hob (A Feeling Greater Than Love), which won the FIPRESCI (the international film critics’ association) jury award in Berlinale’s edgy Forum section this week.

The 99-minute film which took the Lebanese writer-director almost seven years to make and was edited by Egyptian editor Louly Seif mixes interviews, archival footage and clips from Lebanese militant films to tell the story of two strikes, in a southern Lebanon tobacco company and at Beirut’s Gandour biscuit factory, in the early 1970s. Due to their failure and that of the larger revolutionary movement surrounding them, as well as the start of the Lebanese civil war in 1975, they are largely absent from the country’s collective memory.

via Mada Masr.

كمال ديب عن سعيد عقل – الفكرة اللبنانية من دون شوائب

نشرت جريدة الحياة مقالا عن مقابلة أجراها الدكتور كمال ديب، كاتب وأستاذ جامعي كندي من أصل لبناني. اذا بحث المرء عن الفكرة اللبنانية من دون شوائب وكما وُلدت في ثلاثينات القرن العشرين، فهي بلا شك محفوظة في ذهن الشاعر اللبناني … read more