Since the Phoenicians 4000 years ago

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Regal Courier editor travels to memorable Morocco

The Regal Courier – King City,OR,USA
The Phoenicians founded a base there in the 7th century, and slaves passed through the port on their way to being sold. Two sea bastions were built along

Birdzilla: William Sitwell understands why beautiful peacocks have
Daily Mail – UK
The Phoenicians brought them to Egypt and an early peacock fancier was Solomon. Naturally, the Romans adored them, as ornaments and as delicacies,

Paying tribute to the navigator
Times Colonist – Victoria,British Columbia,Canada
The Phoenicians used the sun and the stars to travel as far west as the Canary Islands from the Mediterranean, and north to the English Channel.

Property in st Tropez
Country Life – UK
The tiny fishing village grew up around a port founded by Phoenicians from Marseille, was destroyed by the Saracens in 739 and finally fortified in the late

Precarious Lebanon
Smithsonian – USA
Islamic fundamentalists in the area have never bothered him: “Wine has been part of the culture here since the Phoenicians 4000 years ago,” Ghosn says,

Mopeds, Horsemeat and Pynchon on Malta
New York Times – United States
ever launched a boat in the Mediterranean, from the Phoenicians and Romans to, more recently, the British, who ran it as a colony from 1814 to 1964.

History of the Solar System Chapter 16: the bushmen versus the
By schildan
With the arrival of the Phoenicians, things began to change remarkably on the shining planet. Not only were new trade depots opened up, but many colonies were started by a variety of smaller Earth nations. By the year 1120 there were

The Chianti fitness ( after you read this article make sure to
By buy-white-wine3021(buy-white-wine3021)
The present day farmers can thank the Phoenicians for bringing vines to this area. They named the area, Oenotria, the land of fitness 

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