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Being 30, female and single in Beirut

“Would you sleep with a man for a million dollars?” asks Yasmina (Darine Hamze), looking up from her monitor. “Of course I would,” her pal Taline (Nada Abou Farhat) replies airily. “I sleep with men for free. Why wouldn’t I sleep with one for a million dollars? For a million dollars I’d sleep with his brother too, and his wife …”

As it spreads through Yasmina’s house to her morally upright mother Mona (Julia Kassar), the exchange marks one of the more amusing moments in “Single, Married, Divorced” (Yalla 3a2belkon), the sophomore feature of veteran Lebanese director Elie Khalifé.

The film’s title more or less reflects its plot concerns, taking up the stories of Yasmina and her four best pals. A diverse cluster of femininity, the four resemble one another in three respects. All are 30-somethings, single and fond of socializing together at a concrete-clad beach that bears an uncanny resemblance to Beirut’s Sporting Club.

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